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David lives in Lower Gibsons on the Sunshine Coast.  The all senses experience of Hiking and Cycling has inspired and directed his artistic path.

Natural events observed that caused him to pause and reflect are the source of his inspiration.  Light is an ephemeral natural element present in many of his pieces.  He stirs in the viewer the moments in the environment that are fleeting.

Creating is causing what you love or what matters to you to come into being.  David's studio on first glance appears to be a clutter of sketches, tools, bottles of bright coloured glaze, chalk pastels, raw chunks of charcoal and brushes, spills and rags.  To some it might appear chaotic.  By introducing random elements into a situation, new patterns and new ways of looking at a problem emerge.

Open to explore diverse technique and direction, his paintings have a unique format with multiple palettes, mediums and substrate and are all dictated by the subject chosen.  His art evolves over time as each individual piece leads him to select a new direction when things get too comfortable.  He confronts and courts chaos by adding randomness to order by sanding or hosing a painting down to etch off layers for effect.  Some bits emerge while others fade.  This maintains a fresh starting point and defies an embedded style.

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